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Specialised Sessions/ Incursions
A “Hands On” Approach to Learning.

Specialised Sessions/ Incursions

Emotional support. Develop emotional regulation skills. Positive education. General wellbeing. Coping strategies. Develop social skills. Mindfulness & growth mindsets.

Ideal for all students & teachers across all year levels, from foundation to Year 12 and undergraduate university courses.

  • We can help you with ideas to form links across the curriculum
  • We can bring our animals in to give talks to student groups about the many different science topics that you might wish to cover.
  • We can work with you to discover ways that you can incorporate the use of animals into your school to assist students learning and motivation levels.

We pride ourselves on being able to tailor these sessions to suit your needs. Between our staff, we have experience teaching across all levels from Foundation to Year 12, as well as Undergraduate University Courses.

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